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    1. What is Wearable Art?
           I design statement jewelry; jewelry that gets noticed and gets you noticed. My art pieces are over-the top. Most are large and exaggerated, many have a sense of humor, some are off kilter; but all are designed to make you look more beautiful.
           My work is organic – it is made by hand, not machine. Although some pieces may share a common element, no two pieces are exactly the same. Many are one-of-a-kind.

      Wear it in good health.
      While all designs can be made in silver, copper, nu gold or brass, some people feel wearing copper may provide health benefits. I feel that wearing something beautiful will definitely make you feel great.

    2. How did I get into metal art?
      I was searching for a hobby as an outlet for my pent-up creativity. I couldn’t keep baking desserts; my friends were complaining they were getting too fat.
           I tried various arts and crafts, but nothing “grabbed” me. Then I took a silversmithing class and fell in love. At first I was in heaven using a torch, tools and various equipment. But then I was hooked on the different properties of metals. I loved melting it (not always on purpose,) folding it, forming it, rolling and etching it, hammering it hard, annealing it soft, and working it hard again.
           With the help of classes at Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago and my patient instructors, especially Pam, I was hooked; and my hobby became a passion became a new career.

      Let me hear from you.
           I welcome questions and comments on both the jewelry and website. Then treat yourself or a loved one to a piece or two of my wearable art. Even more than making it, I love seeing my creations on people who fall in lust with it.


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