Davida Jewelry


Tiny Bubbles       
They are surprisingly comfortable for their size and sure to get you noticed. Wear these four-inch, etched-copper, shoulder dusters with the coordinated cuff as the final touch to a cool outfit.
$50  (coordinated cuff available) 
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Cross Hatched
Light and only a half-inch by two-inches, this pair features a cross-hatched pattern with a small, faceted turquoise Swarovski stone. 
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About two-and-a-half inches of intricately folded and rolled copper look sexy as they playfully drop from your ears.
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Half Moons
Simple yet elegant copper earrings that frame your face beautifully. They’re two-and-a-half inches long, with a strong vertical pattern and a dark brown patina.
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One of my personal favorites. Two-inch convex Sterling silver disks are soldered to smaller copper disks that peek through the center. You won’t believe how stunning these are. Also available in one-inch disks.
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Alphabet Soup
Match the cuff or wear these on their own. Either way you’ll look gorgeous. Like the cuff, I scrambled letters, etched them into copper, and highlighted them with a medium patina. What a feast.
$45  (coordinated cuff available) 
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Hammered with Jade
Simple yet elegant. Dress ‘em up or go casual with these wear-everywhere, light, copper earrings. The patina brings out the hammered pattern and the jade beads will bring out the envy in their eyes. At two-inches long, you’ll hardly know they’re on until you look in the mirror and see “wow.”
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Liquid Metal Vertical   
Two folds and a light to medium brown patina. Voila! They’re comfortable too.

Also available with horizontal folds.

Both coordinate with Liquid Metal folded cuffs.
$40  (coordinated cuff available) 
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Curly Q
All eyes will be on you. Sterling silver is patterned, twisted, and curled into fabulous. Not only are “Curly Qs” lookers, but they’ll light up your face and lighten your heart.
$100  (coordinated cuff available) 
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Animal Instinct
Here’s that important accessory that will make your outfit whether you wear them with the matching bangle or alone. With two flat black stones at the top and two-inches of etched copper, they’ll look especially smart with animal prints and black and brown outfits. They’re wildly adorable.
$45  (coordinated cuff available) 
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Get Hammered 
Wear these swingy, two-inch long copper earrings anywhere and everywhere. They have a polka dot pattern and are playful and very comfortable. These are so cute and light that they’re sure to become your new fave pair.
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Bat and Ball
No matter what your game, you’ll be ready to play with these two-and-three-quarter inch Sterling silver earrings. They’re light, swingy and comfortable; and showcase two different patterns. So playful, so cute, so you.
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Slinky Copper
I curved and corrugated copper and then torched this pair relentlessly until they turned a volcanic red. They’re two-inches long, slinky, sexy, comfortable and hot.
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There’s nothing like old money! I etched ancient coins into brass and added a small wood bead. They have just the right amount of movement to make you feel as sexy as you look.
$45  (coordinated cuff available) 
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This graceful earring is pure sex. I hammered my heart (and arm) out to create a high bling effect and then added a Swarovski crystal for even more sparkle and shine.
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Swiss Cheese
Just two slices of Sterling silver with random holes that scream fun. At a quarter by three inches, they’re light enough to wear forever, but large enough to be noticed and get you noticed.

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Bow Ties
A half twist, a little pinch and you have a bow tie. They’re elegant, yet playfully sexy, and, like all my earrings, are very comfortable. Dress up or go casual – Bow Ties will take you from a.m. to p.m. in style.
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Ruby Reds
If you’re into a bit of bling, I made Ruby Reds for you. The red Swarovski crystal will bring a twinkle to your eye, while the patterned Sterling design make these five-eighths by 3 inch sexy swingers definite standouts.
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Slinky Black
While not estate jewelry, at a bit less than four-inches long, they are definitely statement earrings. I designed them with a slight curve, corrugated the copper, and added a black patina. These undulating earrings are so much fun, they’ll make you smile.
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Stone Cold Gorgeous
Bring sparkle to your eyes and light up your face with this unusual sterling silver patterned setting.

These earrings can go from A.M. casual chic to P.M. formal attire.

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I really should have named these sparkle plenty because they do.  At almost three inches, the curved shape frames your face while the delicious color will light up your outfit. Pomegranates are rich in every sense of the word, and just what you need to brighten your face and spirits on a gloomy day.
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Go 24/7 in these sterling silver earrings with a Jade bead. They’re so light you’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.
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Pebble Beach
These gently-curved black earrings frame your face beautifully, but are light at three inches long. They’re classically chic, and will take you from early morning to late night.
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China Red
Two vertical folds with a brilliant powder coated Chinese red patina that you have to see to believe. (This photo does not do them justice.) They’re absolutely striking, two-and-a-quarter inches long and oh, so comfortable.
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Mixed Metal



Not really, but the name is taken from the famous Spanish architect, Antoni Gaudi. I took pictures of Barcelona's famous Sagrada Familia Cathedral and etched them into copper. Like his architecture, they’re
a wow at only three-quarters by two-inches; and proof positive that great designs can be etched on small earrings.
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Tiger Stripes
Don’t expect the cat to drag these in. It’s the season’s hot ticket – shoulder dusters with an animal motif. They’re almost four-inches long, yet they’re light as a feather.
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Blue Dazzle
That’s just what they do! Just watch them make your eyes sparkle. This beautifully- patterned pair is made from Sterling silver and they’re topped with a clear turquoise-colored crystal. They’re light and bright and simply perfect.
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They’re brass, but almost look like real gold. At about two and three-quarter inches long, you’d think they’d be weighty, but they’re light, as well, a feather. Feathers are riveted, so they are movable, if you choose. (Also available in copper.)
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Just a Pinch
Two-inches of chic will take you from morning to evening. You’re going to love these.
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A Sweet Note
A small pearl. Beautifully engraved. Curvaceous. Very light. Very sweet.
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Tiny little squares equal big style. Light and lively.
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Slightly Off
Off kilter just enough to warrant a second look. So light you’ll forget you have them on.
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