Davida Jewelry

Cuffs and Bracelets

Just a hint of a cuff in brass. They’re really cute in a group, or perfect for the young girl who wants to start her collection.
Cuff (shown) $15     
Bracelet $25 
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Brass is beautiful and this piece is a show stopper.
I rolled horizontal lines around the “cuff,” as on a striped shirt, and finished with square green
Czech glass “buttons.” This is a truly unique and substantial one-and-a-half-inch piece of wearable art, and will fit fashionistas with larger wrists.
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Painted Desert
A wow of a cuff with almost four inches of unbelievable colors and a sexy curved opening.
If you like an over-sized, one-of-a-kind statement piece, this cuff is for you. Put it on and you’re ready to go; clothes are optional.


Twisted Copper  
Be prepared for oohs and aahs when you wear “Twisted.” Three bands of copper, each with their own unique pattern, are twisted into one unusual cuff or bracelet. Chic enough to wear from a.m. to p.m.
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Alphabet Soup
Letters as you've never seen them before – chopped up, scrambled, etched and served deliciously on a two-inch wide copper cuff with a brown patina. Wear the sexy, curved opening on top or under your wrist. Who knew the abc’s could be so much fun!
$90 (coordinated earrings available) 
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Squares on Squares
Here are various sizes of squares deeply etched on more squares on a one-inch copper band. This cuff has an almost leather-like look with its light brown patina. I have a thing for geometrics.
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Walk like an Egyptian  
She stands tall and proud balancing a basket on
her head, and she’s etched into copper. The patina brings out her beauty in this fabulous, two-and-a-half-inch wide bracelet. And, oh my! She’s topless.
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Animal Instinct
At only an inch-and-a-half wide, “Animal Instinct”
is packed with style. Match the earrings to the cuff and be tragically chic, or wear it alone. I etched copper and added a dark brown patina to show off the pattern. “Instinct” goes beautifully with black, brown and animal prints. But be careful; it may bring out your inner animal. Grrrr.
$85 (coordinated earrings available) 
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Slip into this two-inch wide copper cuff and fall into leaves. I etched the cuff with tranquil maple leaves and designed a graceful, curved opening to wear on top or under your wrist. Peacefully pretty and lots of fun.
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Twisted Brass  
Three bands, all with different geometric patterns, are twisted, intertwined, and end in riveted end caps.  Brassy, bold and beautiful in a twisted kind of way. I promise you’ll love it.
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You’re in the money with images of ornate ancient coins etched into brass. These images are highlighted with a dark patina, and the opening of this two-inch wide cuff is uniquely slanted. 
$80 (coordinated earrings available)
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Triple Twist
Three different metals, four different patterns, one gorgeous cuff. I twisted Sterling silver, copper and brass into a one-of-a-kind cuff that will match your  every mood and outfit.
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This show-stopping three-inch wide Sterling cuff
is in a galaxy of its own. The patterned silver is accented with a copper strip that floats diagonally across and encases it. Wear it with “Curly Q” earrings and you’re good to go anywhere, everywhere and somewhere in between.
$250  (coordinated earrings available) 
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Purely delicious and one-of-a-kind. I melted Sterling down to its liquid form, rolled the ingot into a sheet and rolled it again for the pattern. It’s finished with a uniquely off-kilter opening and a brilliant shine. Sometimes the raw metal talks to me; I’m glad I listened.
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Twisted and Fabulous
Take three bands of Sterling silver with three different patterns, add riveted end caps, and twist them into one signature cuff. You’ll have Twisted and Fabulous – a substantial OMG piece of wearable art.
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Here is your wear-everywhere, goes-with-every-thing cuff. I rolled crinkled vertical lines into a substantial one-and-a-half-inch piece of copper, and accented them with a dark brown patina. It’s quietly exciting and can turn an ordinary outfit into an extraordinary one.
Price $90 
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Tiny Bubbles
If you ever wanted to bring out your inner Don Ho, this won't help; but it might make you feel like singing. I etched a variety of floating bubbles into an inch-and-a-half wide piece of copper. With the patina, it has an almost cosmic effect.
$85 (coordinated earrings available) 
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If you want grace, then ”Wreath” is for you. I etched the pattern into a one-and-a-half-inch wide piece of copper, formed it into a bracelet, and finished it with a medium-to-dark brown patina. It’s graceful, lovely and very comfortable.
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Don’t Fence Me In 
I rolled the “links” into a two-inch wide copper cuff and applied a rich patina to highlight the design. I buffed it out, and voila! - you have a fun piece with personality.
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Here are two-and-a-quarter-inches of painstakingly folded copper with a coffee-colored finish. The graceful opening can be worn on top or under your wrist. It’s sexy and timeless, and goes with everything. Bet you didn’t know that metal could look this luxurious!
$150 (coordinated earrings available) 
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It’s Hip to be Square
Be anything but square with hip fantasy squares etched into copper. With its rich, shiny patina, at only one-and-a-half inches wide, it packs a mighty punch. ”Hip” is so light in weight, and heavy on style that you might never want to take it off.
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I pressed horizontal lines into this two-inch wide copper cuff and accented it with a light to medium brown patina. The rounded sides of the opening are unequal; and yes, I did it on purpose.
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Asian characters are etched and highlighted into a shiny one-and-a-half-inch copper cuff with a diagonal opening. With two you get egg roll.
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Make a Statement
I hammered and folded and forged this copper cuff that looks like a bracelet. Then I added a blue-green-purple patina for a WOW.  You won’t see this one around anyone else’s wrist.

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Mixed Metal



It’s beautiful, shiny and “dimpled” all over. You’ll want to wear this Sterling silver cuff with everything. “Dimpled” is two-inches wide and is guaranteed to be your go-to piece.
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